Google Yourself:

Your internet presence can impact an employer’s decision to hire you. Know why it matters if they search for you online.  Watch the video below...


·         Many companies will search for you on the Internet and check out your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. Be smart and realize that employers can see what you post on your online, social media pages.

·         Google yourself before you go into an interview to see exactly what a potential employer will learn about you if they google you.

·         Inappropriate content may “make or break” a job opportunity.

·         Think of it this way: only put information on your social media pages that you would want your mother or grandmother to see. Consider how a potential employer may view what could be considered controversial information about you online.

·         Make sure whatever is posted on your social media pages is appropriate. Let your friends know that you are concerned with your online image since you are searching for a job. 

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